Zamów darmowy próbny trening o wartości 120 zł




Undoubtedly, sport is the main factor that shaped my character and included features such as stubbornness in pursuit of the goal, self-denial, systematicity, steadfastness and ability to cooperate. My leading discipline is football, which I train from the baby. I have great desire to continuously develop and enrich my coaching workshop. Every person who practices with me is approached in a special and individual way. I try to choose training methods so that each workout gives maximum satisfaction from performing hard work, which will achieve the expected results. I am happy to share my diet tips and promote a healthy lifestyle that has many benefits, such as improving wellbeing, reducing stress or shaping your body. I have innumerable energy fields that I am willing to share with my ward.

I am a student of the Academy of Physical Education and Sport in Gdansk in the direction of Physical Education and specialization of the instructor of wellness. In addition, I have professional qualifications and instructor identification in the profession of personal trainer.